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Today’s Jammat Times

Fajar Jamaat 04:00
Zuhr Jamaat 13:30
Asr Jamaat 20:00
Maghrib Jamaat 21:46
Isha Jamaat 23:00

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Note: Times based on the Masjid location & are subject to change.

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A Selected Dua

O Allah, bestow Your favor on Muhammad and upon his wives and progeny as You have bestowed Your favor upon the family of Ibrahim. And bless Muhammad and his wives and progeny as You have blessed the family of Ibrahim,...

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Info: Al-Bukhari, from Al-Asqalani, Fathul-Bari 6/ 407, Muslim 1/306.

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Asalaamualaykum warahmatullahi wabrakatuh, Eid will be on Monday 2nd May 2022. There will be one Eid Salah...